After 100 Years – The Exhibition of Tamás Lossonczy at the Hungarian National Gallery

- 12 August 2009 - 13 September, 2009


A pupil of János Vaszary, an outstanding member of the European School, the creator of one of the emblematic works of 20th century, The Great Purifying Storm, a cherished exhibit of our institution, a Kossuth Prize winner, Tamás Lossonczy is celebrating his 105th birthday on the 12th of August.

The Hungarian National Gallery is arranging an exhibition entitled “After a Hundred Years” of the works Tamás Lossonczy made in the last five years. The master gladly supported the plan, and actively co-operated in realising it.

In his long career, Tamás Lossonczy has been a sensitive witness of his age and an eminent shaper of the art of the period; he has produced an exceedingly rich body of work dynamically changing style yet unified in approach. His visual messages are thought-provoking and wise, not lacking a touch of irony; his relaxed reflections of the past years are on the 21st century.

Apart from presenting the immanent values of a creative period increasingly wealthy in theme and variegated in means, the exhibition intends that we all gain strength from the exemplary artistic conduct of Tamás Lossonczy.

The curator of the exhibition is István Dévényi

The bilingual catalogue includes the poem “Centenárium – Prelimináris” (Centenary – Preliminary) by György Somlyó and an introductory essay by Ernő Marosi.

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