Comfort Services


We provide the following services to make visitors’ stay with babies and kids comfortable at our museum:

Nursing room: in building A (seasonally), on the ground floor, next to the cloakroom. Mothers and children can find a place for changing diapers, an armchair for breast-feeding, toys and beanbags here.
The children’s furniture in the room was provided by KreatívJáték, and the beanbags by the Blup!Group Ltd.
The nursing room is available temporary during the opening times of exhibitions organised in Building A.

Changing table facilities: in the main building (Building C):
– in the women’s restroom of the Café on the ground floor
– in the women’s restroom by the Munkácsy halls on the 1st floor
These facilities are also equipped with toilet seats for children.


Visitors of the Hungarian National Gallery and tourists are all welcome in our cosy café on the ground floor of Building C, located at the main entrance opening from the Savoya terrace with a view over the Danube. We serve hot and cold beverages, cakes, pastries and a range of sandwiches. If the weather allows, from spring to autumn, the café also operates an outdoor section.
The café is open during the opening hours of the Gallery, from 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. every day except Monday.

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