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The Library of the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, is a public library, however, readers who are not staff members need to have an appointment. Publications may not be lent from the Library, but interlibrary loan is possible.

The Library includes scientific literature on art history, mainly on painting, sculpture, graphic arts, and architecture concerning Hungarian art, and publications related to museology.

Location and contacts
Buda Palace, Building A and B
H- 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2
Telephone:+ 36 1 469-7746, +36 1 469-7747
Opening hours: Monday-Friday:  10-16 pm,
during which time we are also pleased to answer inquires on the phone.

Online catalogue
The catalogue also including the items of the Library of the  Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, may be found here. This online catalogue currently (by the end of 2015) contains around one thirds of the Library’s holding, and the cataloguing process of the remaining items is in progress. Under „Lelőhely”, visitors of the online catalogue can find whether the searched publication is found in the Library of Museum of Fine Arts or in the Library of the Hungarian National Gallery.



Digital photo reproductions of the artworks of the Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery for any publication and research purposes can be requested in digital medium. Please read the General Terms and Conditions of the Reproduction Agreement.

In order to grant a reproduction licence we require as much detail as possible about the intended use of the image. Please fill in the E-Form and return it to the Reproduction Office. Your request will be processed within two workdays.

Please be aware that the Image Request Form is not a purchase order! Based on your request the Reproduction office will calculate a quote for you. In order to proceed with your request you have to accept the price quote.

Please contact your local copyright association to clear the copyright of the author’s life plus 70.

Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery
Reproduction Office
H-1250 Budapest, POB 31.
Tel.: +36 70 686 6162
Fax: +36 1 2127 356


Due to the moving of the archivem research services are not available from 15 October, 2018. Reopening is expected from January 2021. Thank you for your understanding. Request of authentication documents are available during the closure. 

Opening hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 16 pm
Location: Buda Castle, Entrance to Building B, please contact Reception.


The collection of the Archives includes documents related to artists and the art scene of Hungary in the 19th-20th centuries. It contains more than one thousand shelf-meters of documents, in the following categories:

  • Primary sources– autograph letters, manuscripts, sketchbooks, photos, etc.
  • Secondary sources – articles, publications, exhibition catalogues, etc.
  • Relics – personal items, paint-brushes, palettes, etc.
  • Sound recordings and videos

Research is supported by cross indices and digital databases.
For an appointment, please contact:
Beatrix Bara-Szabadi phone: +36 70 3960 022 e-mail:


Information on old authentication documents issued by the museum (between 1932 and 2000) can be requested as well. Please download and complete the Information Service Request Form (in Hungarian and English) and send it to our colleague:
Beatrix Bara-Szabadi e-mail:
Data can only be handed out in digital format, after an authorization process


  • exhibitions
  • public sculptures
  • applied arts
  • numismatic arts
  • scholarships and grants
  • state acquisitions of artworks
  • State Gallery of Arts (Képcsarnok Vállalat)
  • Archives of the Applied Arts Council (from 1955 to 1975)

Processing the documents is in progress. Research is assisted by digital databases and register-books.
For an appointment, please contact:
Dániel Lőrinczi; phone: +36 30 148 0303; e-mail:


The Photo Archive contains photographs of artworks classified in two groups:

  • The complete holdings of the Collection of Paintings of the Hungarian National Gallery, grouped by artists, on black and white reproductions. (Reproductions of the works preserved in the Collection of Sculptures and in the Old Hungarian Collection are available at the respective departments.)
  • Photographs of works from Hungarian private, ecclesiastical and other public or municipal collections that are relevant to Hungarian fine arts.

Research is based on the index of artists’ names.
For an appointment, please contact:
Zsuzsanna Farkas; phone: +36 20 4397 318; e-mail:

The Documentary Archive of Cultural Heritage Preservation also forms part of the Archives of the Hungarian National Gallery, mainly participating in public proceedings as official expert. 


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